Sissy And The Blisters – Let Her Go – Track Of The Day –

Broccoli favorites Sissy And The Blisters new single “Let Her Go” can now be streamed online exclusively as Q Magazines ‘Track of the Day’

Like “Cousin Sissy” in Hot Fuzz, Sissy And The Blisters confusingly feature no girls and from the fuzzed up sound of their guitar, the insult version of sissy does apply either.

Instead the Guilford band, signed to renown talent spotting label Fierce Panda, have crafted a new EP (out Otcober 3), of which this track Let Her Go is the lead, that envokes weather beaten leathers and motorbike fumes.

And it’s got good pedigree.

“Let Her Go is one of a few songs we wrote when we were really into the chord progressions that were used by The Ramones. It slowly developed into something totally different but kept those elements,” says organist Nick Benton.

“At one point we tried to change it so much that we went too far and had to strip it right back until we ended up with what you hear now. Lyrically it’s one of our favourite songs. Our singer James describes it as fear, self-sobatage, and the realisation you may have made a mistake.”

Click ‘here‘ to hear the track

Check out the video below from Rootstv when they played for us in June



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  1. Seriously feel good vibe! Digging the fuzzy guitars!

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