18th Aug 2010 Roots Review allgigs.co.uk

Live Review
For a music night with five bands playing I really wasn’t expecting much from the first band Bibelots, everyone knows the drill: usually the worse the band the earlier time slot they receive. Bibelots however pulled through on this occasion and pleasantly surprised me. Starting their set with track ‘Devil’s Highway’, they made the most of their strong guitar riffs and provided catchy lyrics, without being overly annoyingly catchy, that type of catchy that eventually begins to grate on you. They ploughed through the rest of their set in pretty much the same fashion, providing instantly likeable and easy to listen to tunes.

The Invasion of… took to the stage to perhaps the loudest applause of the night, hardly surprising when their line up features Libertines drummer Gary Powell. For a band who have been going for just under a year and who have played few live gigs, their performance doesn’t show this. Aside from the odd instrument breaking (Powell’s cymbal and the guitarist’s guitar strings) their set was tight with tracks like ‘High Spheres’ and ‘Delusional’. Most of all not only is the music completely different to everything going around at the moment, they’re a band who show they’re serious about their music whilst having some fun with it. It’s nice to see Powell do something different, yet he remains completely in his comfort zone, this is one band to definitely keep an eye out for.

The finale of the night came from London-based band The Draytones, and it was nice to see a charismatic band who have made it quite far into the music scene, who haven’t just followed the crowd and who stand on their own two feet doing their own thing. This band got the crowd dancing and singing along too, Fan favourites such as ‘Laying Down’ and ‘Keep Loving me’ gained quite large applause and cheers proving that The Draytones’ music was pretty-much enjoyed by everyone and a fitting way to finish the night. The Monarch although only small was without a doubt the place to be!

Sheryl Willis



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